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Split videos easily with Easy Video Splitter. This is a free software to split any AVI or DivX or Mpeg videos into smaller clips.

There are times when you may want to share and enjoy a particular clip, from a long video, with your friends at remote locations. Sharing the entire video may not only waste your bandwidth but you are also wasting the time of your friends, by making them view irrelevant clips or scenes.Instead, you may find it convenient to split the relevant clip from the large video and share it.These are situations when you may find Video Splitters very useful.

Easy Video Splitter is a freeware, that can help you as an AVI Splitter, DivX Video Splitter or MPEG(MPG) Splitter. You can also split WMV or ASF video files into smaller video clips.

This Video Splitter does not require any technical expertise and is very easy to use. It has a built-in preview utility that lets you choose the video clip you want to split. There is also an visual editing mode that lets you extract multiple video segments of any size, from the original long video.

Alternatively, you can let the tool to automatically split the video into multiple fragments (clips) based on a specified size or time duration.

Easy Video Splitter Features:

  • Can split AVI or DivX files and supports splitting videos of large file sizes (>4GB)
  • Supports splitting of MPEG, MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 files
  • Can split WMV/ASF files
  • Splits videos rapidly, without any quality loss
  • Support batch splits and splitting large video files into as many parts as you may desire
  • Simple and easy to use Video Splitter
Free Video Splitter

Download Easy Video Splitter from here.However, it requires registration and you can find the Key Code on this page.

Enjoy splitting videos with this free Video Splitter.

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  1. pl send the key

  2. The page where you can find the key for this video splitter program, has already been linked. Anyway, I will give the key here, thought I cannot guarantee that it will always be the same key and you are advised to visit their page to get the current key. It is anyway free…

    Key Code: CBC3-8971-870F-3D5A-7155-A370-8FA5-26FA

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