View internet browsing history in firefox as a filmstrip

View your internet history(browsing history) in firefox as a filmstrip. Thumbstrip is a cool firefox plugin that shows your browsing history as a filmstrip of thumbnails.Isn’t that cool?

Thumbstrip is very useful when you want to search for a website that you browsed a while ago, but failed to bookmark it.If you didn’t bookmark, and if you didn’t delete the browsing history, then the next alternative is to look for the website or webpage name in the browsing history.But what if you don’t even remember the name but only have a visual memory of the site or webpage you visited? Now this is a scenario where Thumbstrip is extremely useful.You could view your internet browsing history as a filmstrip of thumbnails and locate the website or webpage you were looking for.

Howe to use Thumbstrip?

  • Download and install Thumbstrips firefox plugin
  • The ThumbStrips icon will automagically appear in your toolbar

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  • Click it to view your ThumbStrip, right-click to start and stop recording

If you don’t like it, go to Tool >> Add-ons, select ThumbStrips, and click Uninstall. Restart Firefox and the plugin is completely removed. Isn’t this firefox plugin, an interesting way to look at your internet history?

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