Ultimate Virtual Desktop Manager for Windows – Dexpot

If you are an Unix or Linux user, then it is more likely that you have used an X Window manager that provides virtual desktop capabilities. Virtual Desktops let you work far more efficiently and comfortably with many simultaneously opened windows. There are also several virtual desktop managers for windows, that helps remove the clutter on PC desktops, with too many open windows.

Virtual Desktops for Windows:

Microsoft has its own free Virtual Desktop Manager called Desktops for Windows. This is a simple tool from the Sysinternals team, that lets you simulate four virtual desktops and navigate between them with your own hot-keys.

Then there is the popular open source Virtual Desktop Manager called VirtuaWin, that is is highly configurable and extensible.

Dexpot – Ultimate virtual Desktop Manager for windows:

Today we place before you another excellent Virtual Desktop Manager called Dexpot that has a sleek design and an user friendly interface which makes it really easy to navigate, customize and control. With Dexpot, you can,

  • create and manage up to 20 virtual desktops.
  • Easily organize your windows into the virtual desktops
  • Get full screen previews of the virtual desktops and
  • move windows from one desktop to another, using the keyboard mouse and desktop preview
Virtual Desktop for Windows

The virtual desktops are highly configurable and you can give them unique names and unique appearance with different desktop backgrounds and icons. You can even set up desktop rules to distribute the open windows among Virtual Desktops.

Dexpot does not need administrative privileges to run and it can also be used on a flash drive. It works on windows XP and Windows vista and is free for private use.Get Dexpot from here and enjoy the ultimate Virtual Desktop Manager for Windows.

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