Virtual DVD Drive Emulator – DVDFab

Free Download the virtual DVD drive emulator called “DVDFab Virtual Drive” and emulate 18 DVD or Blu-ray drives in your computer. This free Blu-ray and DVD emulator can work with DVD or Blu-ray images.

Virtual Drive

A virtual drive is nothing but a software to emulate a physical drive like a hard drive, DVD drive, CD drive or a Blu-ray drive. If you are on a Mac OS or Linux, then you already have the virtual drive functionality built-in. But if you are on windows 7, Vista or any other windows OS, then you may have to use a virtual CD drive or any DVD or Blu-ray emulator software to mount ISO images. But there are several free virtual drive software for Windows.

Virtual DVD Drive – DVDFab

This is a free virtual drive emulator for both DVD and Blu-ray images and it can emulate up to 18 such drives. It can mount both DVD and Blu-ray images created using DVDFab or other programs. Thus, if you have a DVD image or a Blu-ray image in your PC, then you can simply mount it using this free emulator and play it using any of your favorite DVD players. You don’t have to burn it to a DVD disk or a Blu-ray disk to play the software. Since most computers will have one or two DVD drives, the virtual drives are useful to play any DVD or Blu-ray image without mounting them.

Virtual DVD Drive Emulator

You can even choose to run the virtual Drive automatically, when windows starts up. It also offers you the flexibility to mount the last image automatically and unmount all drives, when it exits.

Download Virtual DVD Drive – DVDFab

DVDFab is available in English and several other languages. Free download DVDFab virtual drive from here. It works on windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit), vista (32-bit and 64-bit), and XP.

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