VirtuaWin, a virtual desktop manager for windows XP and vista available for free download

VirtuaWin is an open source free application software availabe for free download.VirtuaWin would act as a virtual desktop manager on windows XP, windows vista, windows 2003, win9x/ME/NT/2k.

Virtual Desktops:

A virtual desktop provide a virtual workspace for placing your applications’ windows. Each virtual desktop occupies a defined area of the screen.Virtual desktops are arranged either in a matrix or grid.In Unix or Linux systems virtual workspaces are very common.Infact almost all Unix-like systems use the X Window System to provide their windowing environment.

The X Window System is unique in that the decoration, placement, and management of windows are handled by a window manager which is a separate, replaceable program. This separation allowed third-party developers to introduce a host of different window manager features, resulting in the early development of virtual desktop capabilities in X. Many of today’s X window managers now include virtual desktop capabilities.

VirtuaWin, a virtual desktop manager for windows XP, windows vista, windows 2003 etc.

VirtuaWin is a a virtual desktop manager that lets you move application windows and icons between desktops.Thus VirtuaWin increases a user’s ability to organize their windows based applications and thereby reduce clutter.VirtuaWin can support up to 9 different Virtual desktops, allowing users to run many applications in separate desktop profiles.

VirtuaWin has a pretty straight forward setup process, with a simple GUI for desktop configuration. VirtuaWin simplifies the desktop switching task, by providing an option to assign hotkeys.This VirtuaWin feature enables fast switching between profiles with a mere click.VirtuaWin is very simple and elegant to use, yet it is highly configurable and extensible.

Free download virtuawin

Free download virtuawin.

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