Vista disk cleanup: Clean up other users files as an administrator

Disk cleanup in windows vista is different than in windows XP.Now-a-days PCs come with hard disks, that have huge storage space.But this definitely doesn’t mean that you don’t have to worry about your PC, running out of space.

Why should we do disk cleanup?

Do remember that more the disk space we get, greater becomes your need for them.Hence, if you do clean up your disks at regular intervals, lesser will be the time that you’ll need to spend, cleaning it up.On the other hand,if you allow your data to pile up continuously, it not only makes your disks bulky, but it also makes your searches for files longer. It is always better to have a disk with only the folders and files that you need.

Vista Disk Cleanup will help you free up disk space on your PC, loaded with Windows Vista OS, so that you won’t reach the point of having no storage space left at all. Disk Cleanup is actually a very simple process in windows vista.It allows you to search for the files that are safe to erase and it lets you make the final decision on what need to be dumped and what need to stay.

How to do Disk cleanup in windows Vista?

You can find the steps to clean up disk of all unnecessary files in windows vista here

If you are the administrator of the PC, then you can also clean up some apparently useless files from other users (may be those of your children or wife at home) by choosing Files from all users on this computer option in disk cleanup options. You can not only uninstall programs that you no longer need on your computer, but you can also remove all your old restore points (except for the most recent ones), as well as any backup images you may have on your hard drive.

But if you do end up cleaning your wife or children’s files, do not complain about them shouting at you.After all, you have the final say on what to cleanup the disk in windows vista with the vista disk cleanup utility 🙂

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