Vista Dual Boot or Multi Boot with EasyBCD

EasyBCD is a free tool to dual boot or multi boot into various operating systems on Windows Vista. If you have EasyBCD installed, it is very simple to boot either into Windows Vista or any other OS you want to try or test including Linux, BSD, Mac OS X and any windows OS including windows 95, windows 98, Win 2003, windows XP etc.

EasyBCD is a free bootloader management and configuration tool for Windows Vista.It works on both 32-bit and 64-bit windows vista. EasyBCD does not modify the boot sector or Master Boot Record (MBR). It is windows vista which installs the “BCD Bootloader” to the MBR and Boot Sector.EasyBCD simply adds functionality to the BCD files on your Windows Vista installation, to add features and make it a more capable bootloader. EasyBCD never touches the MBR, unless you specifically ask it to i.e when attempting to fix a corrupted bootloader, switch bootloaders, or backup or restore MBR images.

The Boot Process is a small binary program that starts other programs in a sequence. Typically there will be either 4 or 5 small programs. While the first program among the boot sequence programs is BIOS, the last program is usually the one that actually starts the operating system.

EasyBCD makes it extremely easy for end-users to boot into other operating systems, directly from Vista’s bootloader, with minimal configuration.In order to multi boot Windows Vista with one or more of the supported operating systems, you must first configure the settings in the EasyBCD Add or Remove Entries page. Depending on the operating system you wish to configure, the steps may vary.

You can find the supported operating systems and the configuration steps here.

EasyBCD is very simple to use and the Setup wizards can easily take you through the setup process. EasyBCD is an amazing solution for anyone who wants to dual boot or multi boot into several different operating systems on the same PC.

EasyBCD doesn’t actually require the full Windows Vista OS to install, but it does require the Vista Bootloader.

Vista Boot Manager

Free download EasyBCD from here. Setting up and configuring Windows boot entries had never been easier before. Enjoy Vista Dual Boot or multi boot by downloading the freeware EasyBCD.

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