Get real windows vista sidebar for XP

Get the real windows vista sidebar for XP with “Joshoon” ported windows sidebar. Yes, it is the real vista sidebar ported for use with windows XP!

Earlier we covered how to get vista sidebar for XP using “Thoosje” Sidebar. We also presented a few beautiful vista sidebar for XP skin packs.

vista sidebar is one of they key productivity enhancing features introduced in windows vista. It replicates the Dashboard in OS X and allows instant access to your frequently used applications, such as Search engines (google search and more) and news and even media players, photo albums and more.

While Thoosje windows Sidebar had several excellent gadgets and was also less intensive in RAM usage, Joshoon vista sidebar is the real Sidebar ported for Windows XP. Thus it retains all kind of Gadgets from the windows Live Gallery and has the original icons.

Joshoon vista sidebar bundles together “Alky” application (which makes it possible to open software created for vista), a Windows Sidebar Installer and a gadget extractor which makes it possible to add new gadgets to your windows Sidebar.

Windows vista sidebar for xp

How to install the real vista sidebar for XP:

  • Free download Joshoon vista sidebar for XP
  • Extract the contents of the zip to any location on your PC
  • Install “Alky”
  • Install vista sidebar by running the Windows Sidebar Installer
  • Finally add gadgets using gadget extractor

Enjoy the real windows vista sidebar on XP.

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  1. Wow! Thank you! I always wanted to write in my site something like that. Can I take part of your post to my blog?

  2. If you link back …

  3. Hello

    Has anyone been able to get the gadget extractor to work with any gadgets downloaded from the windows gallery? All the gadgets in the port work fine, but I have yet to get the gadget extractor to open any downloaded and installed from windows gallery. Perhaps there is a newer release of the gadget extractor? I’ve not found one through google searches.

  4. superb experience. xp is totally vista now….

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