Get windows Vista sidebar for XP

Get vista sidebar for xp! Earlier we covered windows vista sidebar.It is basically a desktop enhancement introduced in windows vista.

The sidebar is a key enhancement in windows vista, which replicates the Dashboard in OS X and allows you easy access to certain tools, such as news, web searching and your digital photos.You can have any useful gadgets on this sidebar.It is definitely a worthy feature to improve productivity from windows desktop.

Now if you are still using windows XP, then here is a software that replicates the vista sidebar.Yes you can now have the vista sidebar on XP systems! Thoosje Sidebar lets you replicate the vista sidebar on XP. This has gadgets like media players, Google search, yahoo search and may such search engines. It also has vista sidebar gadgets like weather bulletin,system up-time and many other useful gadgets. This sidebar works on windows XP and vista and uses 50% less RAM than the original windows sidebar. It also works much faster and has many extras.

windows sidebar for xp

You can organize your useful gadgets on Thoosje Vista Sidebar and get easy access to frequently used tools and web services that deliver business data, weather information, news updates, traffic maps and even slide shows of photo albums.

Free download windows sidebar for XP and enjoy!

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