Vista Start Menu, a productivity enhancing start menu for windows vista / XP

Vista Start Menu is a free and productivity enhancing alternative to your default start menu in Windows vista or Windows XP.Vista start menu is available for free download. Vista start menu is a friendly start menu for beginners and a very efficient alternative for experienced users. Vista Start Menu is also safer to install as it replaces the default windows menu, without modifying system files or settings. Just uninstall Vista Start Menu to revert to the default start menu in windows vista or windows XP.

Find your programs quickly with Vista Start Menu:

Vista Start Menu makes Programs easy to find because they are exactly where you left them. Vista Start Menu keeps the positions of programs the same and leaves empty space in the menu when you un-install a program. the empty spaces will however be occupied by a new program and it will retain that position until it is uninstalled. This avoids the confusion in the regular menu, when you install or remove some programs and some or all of your other programs change their positions.

Vista start Menu will also highlight all programs installed last week, in a different color in the menu.Thus you can quickly find new documents or programs and since they will never change their positions, you will always know where you can find them the next time that you need them.

Get a resizeable start menu with Vista Start Menu:

When you have many programs installed on your system/PC, the Start menu gets too lengthier and you may find it difficult to scroll through the list of programs, to find what you are looking for.Vista start Menu can be resized just like any other window.This ensures that all programs are visible on the screen at the same time and can be easily accessed.

Get tabs for your menus with Vista Start Menu:

Vista start Menu has also extended the workspace by adding tabs to it. In Vista start Menu, each menu item can contain any number of tabs, and lets you to arrange your information in a comfortable and convenient way as you may desire. Vista start Menu has tabs with the Quick Launch bar as well as the Startup list.

Work at comfortable zoom levels with Vista Start Menu:

Vista start Menu also lets you easily zoom the screen in or out.Zooming can be adjusted independently of the system settings with the help of the Ctrl+”+” and Ctrl+”-” keys on the keyboard, or on the screen. This helps when you set a very large or very small screen resolution on your system/PC monitor.

Place Vista Start Menu wherever you like:

Vista Start Menu also lets you place the menu in a convenient part of the screen or even on another monitor or TV. The program will automatically select the optimal size for the Monitor’s window.

Scrolling made easy in Vista Start Menu:

Scrolling is made easy in Vista Start Menu. If you have installed many programs that do not all fit on the screen, simply move the mouse pointer over the panel and the program will start smoothly scrolling the list.

Be more productive with Vista Start Menu:

Press the Windows key on the keyboard to open the menu and then press the key corresponding to the desired operation. For example, press F3 to switch the user or F8 to shut down the computer. Power buttons are also available in the menu and you can easily access them with the mouse, if you love the mouse..

In the default vista start menu, you had to press the arrow keys and other keys several times until you reached the item you needed. With Vista Start Menu, you can start any program with just a couple of keystrokes. The program splits the list into sections. You select the necessary section with the first key (for example, by pressing E) and then select the item in the section by pressing one of the keys 1 to 9. Note that the positions of the programs do not change and thus you can memorize these key combinations and use them every day.

Vista Start Menu also makes it possible to start searching the local computer right from the command line of the Start menu.

Also doing a web based search is made easier in Vista Start Menu.You no longer have to start your browser just to visit a search engine. Just press the Windows key on the keyboard, type the term you need, press Ctrl+Enter and get the search results. It’s so simple!

Vista Start Menu completely replaces the default windows menu, without modifying system files or settings. To revert back to the old menu, just uninstall the program. Also, you can disable integration and start Vista Start Menu by using the Quick Launch bar or the system tray, if you prefer that method.

Free download Vista Start Menu:

Free download Vista Start Menu for your windows XP or windows vista and improve your productivity.

Watch a demo of Vista Start Menu

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