Rotate wallpapers in vista with Dazzo’s wallpaper changer

Rotate (change) wallpapers in windows vista with Dazzo’s Wallpaper Changer.This wallpaper rotator for vista rotates desktop wallpapers at preset intervals.

To use this vista wallpaper changer, select the folder containing the vista wallpapers and set the desired rotation interval.The program can also be configured to run at windows vista startup.This will ensure that you see a different desktop wallpaper, everytime you log on to your PC/computer running windows vista.

This vista wallpaper changer also lets you change the wallpaper, whenever you desire.You can achieve this by simply double clicking the Dazzo Wallpaper Changer’s icon in system tray.

windows vista wallpaper changer

This cool software even changes desktop color to match the image (wallpaper) color.However it only works on windows vista and for images of JPG and BMP formats.Also, if there is only one picture in a folder with no other sub folders, and said folder is chosen as the folder to use, the program will hang.

Free download and enjoy rotating wallpapers on your windows vista desktop using Dazzo’s vista Wallpaper Changer.

You can also try Wally to change wallpaper on windows vista, XP and more.

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  1. This would be really very good for me.. I do keep changing my wallpapers very frequently..

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