Vjpeg, free image viewer to view images as objects

Vjpeg is a free image viewer to view “images as objects” i.e once you open any image as an object, you can drag them around the desktop/screen by simple click and drag.The image is not placed into any program window, unlike other image viewers.

Ever PC/computer user is so accustomed to images opening in application windows and hence they will find this free viewer, Vjpeg, very unusual.

How does viewing “image as objects” help?

Vjpeg lets you view “image as objects”.These can be dragged around your desktop as they are not jailed within any program window.Another notable advantage is the ability to place images side by side for simultaneous viewing. This would be really handy whenever you want to, say, compare or contrast a number of images.Thus you will find yourselves at ease in manipulating images on the desktop as objects.

Why was Vjpeg created?

The author of Vjpeg, has the following to say for his motivation in creating it:

I realized I was spending a lot of time waiting for JPEGs to open, and the default viewer on my system wasn’t really hot with large files. I take a lot of digital camera pictures, and viewing a few megapixels in a web browser is ugly.

I have a good bicubic resampler that I use for various things, and so I made a JPEG viewer that uses it to show pictures when you double-click them. It makes them small, to start.

The idea here is “images as objects” so once they’re open, you drag them around the screen by clicking and dragging. That’s it. If you push them against the top or left edge of the screen, they “stick” for a while and resize to stay on the screen (that means you get live zooming.)

How does Vjpeg work?

When you have installed Vjpeg, clicking on an image file, will open it as a draggable object on the desktop. The picture/image is closed upon a right click. Vjpeg also provides for layered images whereby images can overlap or can be moved on top of each other or other windows.

Vjpeg becomes the default viewer for GIF, JPG and BMP. You can also open Photoshop PSD files though Vjpeg is not the default viewer for PSD format (a proprietary format). However Vjpeg does not support PNG format.

How to resize images with Vjpeg?

Changing image size (resizing a image) is as easy as left-clicking on the image and moving it towards (and then away from) any of the four edges. Double click on an image to enlarge it to actual size or to maximize it to full screen, if the image is larger than the screen.

Keyboard Shortcuts for Vjpeg:

  • Left click-drag: resize, move
  • Right click: close the active picture
  • double-click: go 1:1 or fit on screen, whichever is smaller
  • Escape: close the active picture
  • Ctrl-Alt-Q: close all pictures!
  • e: email the original file
  • E: email the bits on the screen (good if you open a big file and want to compress it.)
  • a: auto-levels
  • -> / r: rotate right
  • <- / R: rotate left

“Windows Media/Quicktime” commands:

  • ctrl-1 / alt-1: 50%
  • ctrl-2 / alt-2: 100%
  • ctrl-3 / alt-3: 200%
  • alt-enter: fullscreen (kinda)

“Photoshop” commands:

  • ctrl-alt-0: 100%
  • ctrl +: next bigger size
  • ctrl –: next smaller size

Free download and install Vjpeg:

Free download Vjpeg and install Vjpeg.It is only 98K, very fast, free, and you can view big image files pretty easily.

Enjoy image as objects with the free image viewer Vjpeg .

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