W32/Conficker Stinger

Earlier we posted about W32/Conficker Worm and all its variants.We also talked about the symptoms and the ways to remove this virus.

April 1st is a common date to activate viruses and worms, such as the well-known W32/Conficker. This is the day when Conficker virus usually gets an update by malware creators. Bit it isn’t necessary always. However, McAfee has built an McAfee W32/Conficker Stinger to get rid of this W32/Conficker worm.The stinger is very easy to use and it requires no installation.Free download McAfee W32/Conficker Stinger from here and simply launch it.The tool does take some time to do an analysis but at the end of it, removes all known W32/Conficker variants to date.

Isn’t that great? What are you waiting for? Download McAfee W32/Conficker Stinger and get rid of W32/Conficker worms, if any.

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