Watermark Images Online

Are you looking for a free program to watermark images? Here is a free online service to batch watermark images. If you do not prefer to install a software to watermark images, then you must try this free service that lets you Customize your watermark type, position, colors and style

Since image theft has become so rampant on the internet, it has become essential to safeguard the copyright to images.Watermarking is one popular technique used by several webmasters to protect their images from online theft. If you are an affected webmaster and is convinced that watermarking your images can help your cause, you may look for good solutions to implement this. If you don’t prefer installing a software, you can try this free online service.

Watermark-images.com is a free online service through which you can add image (logo) or text watermarks to images.You can enter the watermark text, select the font, position of watermark, any special effects or box around the text via the Ajax based menu on the left. If you want to add the watermark to the background, you can set the logo or the text to be more or less transparent, and define the transparency color on the image or select the first pixel in the upper left corner as transparency color.

Watermark Images Online

If you have several images, then you can upload a maximum of 20 images of size not exceeding 10 MB, batch Watermark and download them at once.Go to watermark-images.com and add custom watermarks to your images.

You can also check out another free online service that we had covered earlier to add Watermark to your photos or images.

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