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Watermarks are recognizable text or secondary image embedded on any document or primary image typically used for Copyright Protection. In Digital Watermarking, the embedded text or secondary image (usually a logo) identifies the owner of the document or image or any other digital media such as audio or video.

Watermarks are different from a digital object’s meta data and is carried on the digital media itself. Watermarks can either be visible or invisible. A visible watermark is a visible translucent image or text while an invisible watermark is an overlaid image which cannot be seen but can only be detected algorithmically.Watermarks are usually applied in a way which makes it difficult to remove, thereby ensuring copyrights or property rights.

With increasing use of internet for sharing digital media like pictures, music, videos etc., digital watermarking becomes essential to protect copyrights to your important documents or images. Here we discuss about an easy way to watermark and protect your images.

Free Online Image Watermark Tool:

watermark.ws is a free online watermark tool to watermark and protect your online photos and images and it is very easy to use.

  • Upload your Photo
  • Select the type of watermark i.e. text or image
  • Customize the watermark position, colors and style
  • Download and use your watermarked Photo

That is all. The tool supports images in formats like jpg, jpeg, png, gif and bmp and has some nice fonts to choose for your watermark text. The only limitation is your image should be less than 1.5 MB in size. But it is always better to keep your image sizes less than 1.5 MB, in case you intend it to share online as bigger images are not only slower to download or upload but they also consume more bandwidth.

Go to watermark.ws and enjoy watermarking your digital pictures with this free Online Image Watermark Tool.

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