What graphic image formats can be used on blogs/websites?

Every blogger and website owner has some graphics/images on his blog or website.The site or blog becomes more attractive to the visitors, with these graphics.Graphics definitely helps improve traffic to your site.But they need to be used optimally.

What are the most widely supported graphic formats?

The most widely supported web image graphic formats are GIF and JPEG. Ofcourse many also use PNG formats.

Which graphic image format should be used?

Here are the general rules/tips for the image formats to use:

  • For graphics that you have created on your computer such as horizontal rules, buttons, or animation use the GIF format
  • When the images are scanned pictures or photographs,use the JPG/JPEG format

GIF image format characteristics:

GIF file can contain the maximum of 256 colors (8 bit) or less, which is good for customizing your graphic files. For example, if you create a GIF image of a red arrow, you can customize the file to have only two colors, read and white. This means that the file is very very small because its palette contains only two colors. GIF file will yield a higher quality and smaller size image, compared to JPEG, when it is used with computer generated graphics such as icons, logos, buttons, etc.

JPG/JPEG format characteristics:

JPEG was built to contain 24-bit (16.7+ million colors) and was developed specifically for photographic-style images. JPEG stores the information of images by keeping track of color changes. The advantage of JPEG is that it can carry a smaller file size than GIF when used in storing photographs and images with a wide variety of shading. But, it will not yield a smaller file when dealing with low color level and details like computer generated graphics.

You can ofcourse convert images from one format to another, as you may desire.

4 comments on “What graphic image formats can be used on blogs/websites?

  1. I use .gif formats for all my images, jpeg can increase the bandwidth.

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  2. PNG and GIFs have some support problems. In IE, some of them dont render transparency, for example.

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  3. it should be image specific, if the image has more colors then jpeg/png else gif.

    @ Nirmal : Try to use Jpeg at 60% quality…you won’t find much of a problem.

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  4. @Mayank,
    JPEG at 60% quantity is not good I feel, it will reduce the image quality.

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