Windows 7 Calculator

Microsoft had recently let Windows enthusiasts to free download Windows 7 Beta. Windows 7 has several enhancements and useful utilities like the feature rich Windows Media Player 12, Windows 7 Themes and Windows 7 Calculator.

Windows 7 Calculator:

In Windows 7, several additional functionalities have been added to the normal calculator that you would have seen in earlier versions of Windows. The calculator can be operated in any of the four modes namely, Standard, Scientific, Programmer and Statistics.

The calculator interface has been divided into three distinct areas.These are Calculation history, Current calculation and Special calculation area.There is also an useful unit conversion utility for converting values from one unit of measurement to another. This conversion utility is available for a range of measurement units including angle, area, energy, length, power, pressure, temperature, time, velocity, volume, weight and more.

You can also find the difference between 2 dates in terms of number of year/ months/ weeks/ days or days only.The calculator also features templates for calculating mileage, lease and mortgage estimations.

Windows 7 Calculator

Get windows 7 Calculator for windows vista:

Though Microsoft has bundled the excellent all-in-one calculator with Windows 7, you can still use it on your Windows Vista . Thanks to some Windows enthusiasts, who made this available for Vista.

  • Download Windows 7 Calculator from here
  • Take a backup of the existing calculator in windows vista. To do this, navigate to C:\Windows\System32\ & C:\Windows\System32\en-US\ and backup the files calc.exe and calc.exe.mui respectively. The backup would be useful in case you mess up something while replacing the files, or you want to revert back. But i don’t see any reason why you want to revert back
  • Replace calc.exe in C:\Windows\System32\ & calc.exe.mui in C:\Windows\System32\en-US\ with the Windows 7 versions, you just downloaded. Make sure you are logged in as an administrator and you have full permissions to replace the calculator files

That’s all folks. Enjoy the fully functional and feature-rich Windows 7 calculator on your Windows Vista.

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