Windows 7 Gadgets – Download free to customize your PC Desktop

Gadgets are mini programs on the windows 7 or vista desktop, that provides ready and easy access to information which you access regularly.These include gadgets for news, weather information, search engines, clock, picture slide shows, movies and more.

Microsoft introduced the sidebar and the gadgets in vista and retained this in windows 7. While windows vista lets you have windows gadgets on the right sidebar of your desktop, Windows 7 sets them free on the desktop screen, and you can move and re-size them as you like.

The main advantage of using windows gadgets on your desktop is it lets you display the information that you need like news headlines, weather and traffic reports, etc. right next to your open programs. Thus, you can keep track of all your information needs easily and you don’t have to stop your work to switch to a news website or a weather website.

How to download and install windows 7 gadgets?

Before you can add a windows 7 gadget to your windows 7 desktop, it must first be installed on your computer.You can find out which gadgets are installed on your computer by doing the following.

  • 1.Right-click the desktop and click “Gadgets”.
  • 2. Click the scroll buttons to see all the gadgets.
  • 3. To see complete information about a gadget, click the gadget, and then click “Show details”.
windows 7 gadgets

You can click “Get more gadgets Online” to download and install more windows 7 gadgets from Windows 7 Personalization gallery.

Watch this video to understand how to customize the look and feel of your windows 7 desktop by downloading and installing gadgets.

You can also get sidebar for xp and gadgets for windows xp

Download windows 7 gadgets for free and customize the look and feel of your PC desktop.Get read and easy access to news, weather, sports and other information.Gadgets are fun and useful.

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