How to set up Windows 7 Media Center

Windows 7 Media Center is an awesome feature to turn your computer into a powerful TV, thereby bringing all your favorite TV shows and entertainment to one place. With Windows 7 Media Center, you can enjoy Internet TV on your computer or laptop, whenever you want!

How to set up Windows 7 Media Center?

Find below the steps to set up Windows 7 Media Center.We earlier told you on how to connect laptop to TV or any computer to TV and watch the downloaded videos and movies by streaming them to your TV screen.

But if you like to enjoy the entertainment on your computer, you can use Windows 7 Media Center. Here is how you set it up.

  • 1. Click Start => All Programs => Windows Media Center in windows 7
  • 2. You will be shown a welcome page. Select “Continue”, and then choose Express or Custom set up (preferred). “Custom Set up” checks your network and Internet connections and lets you choose the features and advanced settings.
  • 3. After choosing “Custom set up”, select “Next” and you will be shown a page titled “Get the Most from Windows Media Center”.Select “Yes” to enable Windows Media Center and to periodically download content to your PC. This includes information on music, movies and TV listings.

If you had chosen “Express Setup” instead of custom, you can later return to “Custom Setup” from the Windows Media Center start screen by selecting “Tasks” => “Settings” => “General” => “Windows Media Center Setup” => “Run Setup Again”.

The optional settings in “Custom Setup” lets you optimize your display, set up your speakers, and set closed captioning on or off.

Windows 7 Media Center – How to optimize the display?

  • Open Windows Media Center and on the start screen, scroll to “Tasks”.
  • Select “Settings’ => “General” => “Windows Media Center Setup”.
  • Next, select “Configure Your TV or Monitor”.
  • If the Display Setup dialog box is displayed and prompts you to switch to full-screen mode, select “Yes”.
  • Select the display type that you often use to watch videos in Windows Media Center and then select “Next”.
  • Select the type of cable that connects your PC to your monitor or TV and then click “Next”.
  • Select “Adjust Display Controls”, and then click “Next”. On the first “Display Calibration” page, select “Next” to find a list of the display controls you can adjust.

From here, the wizard will guide you to configure your TV for the best display quality.

Windows 7 Media Center – How to set up speakers?

Here is how you can set up your speakers to properly play the audio, when you use Windows Media Center.

  • On the start screen, scroll to “Tasks”, click “Settings” => “General”.
  • Click “Windows Media Center Setup”, and then click “Set Up Your Speakers”.

The wizard will then guide you to set up the speakers.

Windows 7 Media Center – How to turn on or off Closed captioning (subtitles)?

By default, closed captioning, which is also known as subtitles, is turned “ON” for Windows Media Center and Windows Media Center Extender, when both are set to “Mute”. You may however change this setting and here is you can turn “ON” or “OFF” subtitles in Windows 7 Media Center.

  • On the start screen, scroll to Tasks and click “settings” => “TV or DVD” => “Closed Captioning”. In some regions, you may need to select “Subtitles” instead of “Closed Captioning”.
  • Under “Caption Display”, click either “ON”, “OFF”, or “ON when muted”.
  • After making the changes, click “Save” to return to the settings screen.

That is it! Set up Windows 7 Media Center and enjoy music, movies and TV shows on your computer.

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