Windows 7 will have multitouch feature – video demonstration

Microsoft is planning to introduce multi-touch feature in windows 7.Find below a video demonstration, Microsoft publicly showcased at the “All Things Digital” conference.Last year, Microsoft revealed “Surface” that exploits touch/multi-touch capabilities for users to interact with computing devices, in a natural way.

Video: Multi-touch feature in windows 7:

These new features confirm Microsoft‘s focus and belief that “Touch” will quickly become a natural and common way of interacting with software and devices.

3 comments on “Windows 7 will have multitouch feature – video demonstration

  1. Multitouch feature will require hardware also…So microsoft is planning to install Win7 in surface ??

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  2. Lots of features and images popping out for Windows 7, not sure which are real and which are fake. Now that we cannot believe Techcrunch as well as they too have posted fake images.

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  3. well this is a video from microsoft site and this was what they showed off in the conference…this is what they expect to be there in windows 7…no one can tell how the final product will look like unless it comes out…

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