Windows activation guide to activate Windows 7

Have you purchased a brand new windows 7 and wondering how to install it.Check out this tutorial on how to install windows 7.You will feel like being on top of the world after installing windows 7 on your PC, but it isn’t enough yet. You also need to activate windows 7 and this shall be done within 30 days of installation.

Are you wondering why you need to activate windows 7? Activation does help you to tell microsoft that you have bought a genuine license to install windows 7 on your PC. It is a way by which Microsoft determines whether the windows 7 installed and running on your PC is genuine.If you don’t prove this to microsoft by activating your copy of windows 7, you may not be able to get any automatic updates to windows 7. If you do not keep your windows 7 updated, you may be prone to security risks and other vulnerabilities.You may also not be able to use all the features of windows 7.

Windows 7 Activation Methods

So, how do you go about activating windows 7.Basically, there are several methods by which you can activate windows 7.

  • 1. Through an online internet connection
  • 2. Though an automated Phone system
  • 3. Using the modem to directly connect to the activation service
  • 4. Set up the computer to automatically activate windows online

How to activate Windows 7?

  • 1. click the Start button (Windows 7 orb) and right click on Computer. Click Properties. Alternatively, you can right click the computer icon on your desktop and choose Properties
  • 2. You will find a link at the bottom of the screen that lets you know the current windows 7 activation status and prompts you to activate now. click on the “Activate Windows now” message.
Windows 7 activation link
  • 3. A Windows Activation dialog will pop up. This dialog will have links to “Activate Windows online“, “Ask me later” and “show me other ways to activate“. Click on “Activate Windows online“, if you are connected to internet, enter the product id in the following dialog and click Next to activate Windows 7. You can find your windows 7 product key on the installation disk holder inside the windows package
Windows 7 activation methods
  • 4. If you click on “show me other ways to activate“, you will be shown the following dialog. If you have a modem, you can click on “Use my modem to connect directly to the activation service”. Otherwise, click on “Use the automated phone system
Activate windows 7 by phone
  • 5.The following dialog will let you choose the nearest location to find all available phone numbers for activating windows 7. choose the nearest location and click Next
  • 6. The next dialog will list you the steps to activate windows.As part of step 1, you need to get a confirmation id by calling any of the listed toll free phone numbers (or by sending SMS, if you find such an option) and choosing windows 7 as your product. In step 2, you need to enter the windows 7 installation id, which is a 54 digit long number. After you carefully enter your 54 digit system installation id, you will be given a corresponding 54 digit long Confirmation ID by the windows phone activation system.Make a note of this confirmation id, in a piece of paper and enter it in the space provided in the dialog.Once you complete entering it, the Next button is enabled and you can click on it

That is all! If what you had entered is correct, you will see the following screen as your windows 7 is successfully activated.

Windows 7 activated

Note that the above are manual methods to activate windows 7. If you chose to automatically activate Windows 7 online when you set up your computer, automatic activation begins trying to activate Windows three days after you turn on your computer for the first time.

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