Windows live essentials beta – Download tommorow

Microsoft will soon be releasing the new windows live 4 essentials beta for download! We just saw the release of a new hotmail interface and a windows live messenger for iphone, to access hotmail messenger and social networks through the IM application! Now it is time for microsoft to roll out the windows live apps.

Windows live 4 essentials beta will be available English, French, Japanese, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, or Spanish and it will require windows 7 or windows vista. With more and more apps now released for windows 7 or vista, xp users are hard pressed to make the move to windows 7 sooner than later.

The new apps in the windows live 4 suite like the windows live messenger, Photo Gallery, Movie Maker, windows live writer etc. will connect to the following.

  • photo and video sharing sites like Flickr, Skydrive, Youtube etc.
  • social networking sites like facebook, myspace and linkedin (not sure why twitter is not in the list yet)
  • Web based email services like Hotmail, Yahoo Mail and Gmail
  • Blog networks like wordpress and blogger
  • Office web apps (which can soon be accessed from Hotmail)

Microsoft is also introducing the new Windows Live Sync to keep your files synchronized across multiple PCs and in the cloud (sky drive). You can even directly access your PC over the web with Sync’s new remote desktop feature.

Overall, windows live 4 essentials beta promises to be an interesting suite of apps. Watch this preview.

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