Windows Live Messenger 2010 (WLM 2010) Review [leaked Beta]

Update: Windows live messenger 2010 is now known as WLM 2011 or windows messenger 7 and is available for free download.

Windows Live Wave 4 (Windows Live 2010) suite will soon be available as a beta and you can get Windows Live Messenger 2010 (WLM 2010) with it. We got hold of a leaked torrent version which you could also install and enjoy chatting with your friends and other contacts, right from you windows desktop.(Disclaimer: This is a leaked version and you choose to download it at your own risk).

Here we will quickly do a review of what we saw in the leaked version.Windows Live Messenger, the popular and the best IM client from Microsoft, was formerly known as MSN Messenger.You can still download the older versions MSN messenger 8.5.

While the current version available through the official Windows Live website – Windows Live Messenger 2009 (sometimes referred to as windows live messenger 9) works on Windows XP (32-bit XP only), Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows Mobile, it looks like the yet to be released WLM 2010 may not work with windows xp. At-least the leaked version does not work on XP.

Windows Live Messenger 2010 has some goodies in terms of features. Like your browser, WLM 2010 also sports a tabbed interface making it more organized and easier for you to switch windows, while chatting with your friends and other contacts.

Among all the new features, the most noticeable and key feature is integration with social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. You can easily switch between social and contacts mode through WLM 2010 options.In fact, the social tab is the default view and it makes a lot of sense.Microsoft has realized the fact that friends hang around these days on social networks and offering the social mode is more appropriate. WLM 2010 seem to have been influenced by social networks and the status messages in Windows Live Messenger 2010 are more like status updates that you see on Facebook or Twitter.

However Microsoft is also smart enough to retain the classic view and makes it available to users through the “Contact mode” to which you can switch through “options”.I personally feel that friends would still need a channel, like the tradition IM interface, to share some private conversation apart from the public ones that you see through facebook or Twitter status updates.

Windows Live Messenger 2010 has a simple and elegant interface and it is customizable too. The other cool features in WLM 2010 include the ability to instantly share a photo or a link with your friends and other contacts, send a video message recorded through a web-cam and like in windows 7 WLM 2010 has received significant focus on personalization by giving users the ability to select scenes and color schemes that suit their mood.And as expected, there were a few additional emoticons to express yourselves.

The leaked software turned out to be the Windows Live Wave 4 suite and installing it added a bunch of social apps like Windows Movie Maker, Windows Live Writer, Photo Gallery, Windows Mail, the Bing toolbar etc. However installation was similar to that of earlier version of Windows Live suite that included the Windows Live Messenger 2009.Enjoy Windows Live Messenger 2010 on your new Windows 7. Will the final release of WLM 2010 continue to maintain its status as the best IM client? Awaiting the final release with lots of interest.

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