Windows live messenger

Windows live messenger 2011 beta was released as a beta version on 18 Aug 2010.In this version, Messenger combines instant messaging with social networking, thereby letting you stay connected with your friends on social networking sites like facebook and twitter, where people hang around the most these days. One needs windows 7 or vista to run this messenger client. The final WLM 2011 is now available for free download.

Windows live messenger is one of the oldest and the most popular messaging software and it makes it easier to stay connected with friends, family and all other people that you care about.

Windows Live Messenger Features

Windows live messenger

Windows Live Messenger 2011 has now evolved into an IM app that lets you do more than just chatting! You can not only Chat face–to–face in HD (high definition) using a webcam, but also start a photo slide show, watch online videos, and share links you’ve discovered on the web.

WLM 2011 is now an application that lets you group all your social updates and connections in one place. Here are a few new features.

  • The current version of Messenger lets you chat face-to-face using a webcam (HD webcam is needed for HD video chat), share links, photos and videos.
  • You can choose your favorite people and keep them at the top to see more of their social updates.
  • Create one or more groups to communicate and share with different sets of people.
  • Personalize the looks of your messenger client by changing the theme, picture or badge
  • Send and receive voice clips, winks, nudges and invitations to view photos
  • Enable tabbed conversions with friends, in the messenger window
  • Receive notifications when you receive email containing social updates or any other email, receive a group IM and also sign in to messenger at more than one place
  • Set different sound alerts for incoming instant message, email message, incoming voice or video call, outgoing voice or video call etc.
  • You can also chat via hotmail messenger, even if you are on a public computer that doesn’t have the messenger installed on it

Get the lively msn messenger 2011 and enjoy staying in touch. Windows live messenger is also now integrated with hotmail as Hotmail Messenger. This lets you keep in touch with your messenger contacts, wherever you are!

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