Windows media player 10

Windows Media Player 10 was released for Windows XP and is a great all in one player that offered new ways to organize and enjoy all your videos, music, etc. on your computer running windows OS.

Windows Media Player 10 introduced the ability to automatically sync media with portable devices. This feature is called Auto sync and this not only provided the ability to synchronize media based on chosen criteria but also a few other enhanced features to interact with the devices and retrieve user settings and preferences. This is also the earliest version of Windows Media Player that introduced support for “Media Transfer Protocol” to transfer media files to portable devices.

Windows media player 10 is supported by the following Windows operating systems.

  • Windows XP
  • Windows XP Professional Edition
  • Windows XP Service Pack 1
  • Windows XP Service Pack 2

Download Windows media player 10 for XP.

If you are using windows media player 11 in windows XP and you like to downgrade to version 10, you shall uninstall windows media player 11 before installing WMP 10.

If you are on windows 7 N or KN editions then enjoy the windows media player 12 download! For XP SP3 or vista you can check out Windows media player 11 download.

If you prefer a older version then download Windows media player 9

The download is available in several different languages including English, German, French, chinese, Spanish, Dutch, Japanese and more.However this download is available from microsoft only for customers running genuine windows xp.

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