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Earlier we had written about Windows Media Player 12 being available for free download. That was claimed as a beta 1 release of Windows Media Player 12. The final release is supposed to be shipped with Windows 7.

Windows Media Player 12 Features Review

Windows Media Player allows you to play video and music from the task bar in windows 7. You can hover over the Media player icon on the task bar and click to play, pause or even skip tracks. The player also supports Jumplists.

Windows Media Player 12 in windows 7

In Windows Media Player 12, library management is completely separated from what’s currently playing with two different Views i.e. “Now Playing” view and a “Library” view. While library view contains all the library manipulation features, playing view contains the current playlist, videos and visualizations. This version also makes available an automatic 15 second preview of any song on hovering the mouse over it.

A notable feature of Windows Media Player 12 (WMP12) is its support for H.264 video, AAC audio, and both Xvid and DivX video, in addition to all the formats supported by WMP11 in windows Vista (MPEG2, WMV, MP3, etc.). With the support for these new codecs, the popular media player for windows should now play the majority of videos found on the web, out of the box.

WMP12 will also support iTunes libraries apart from its own libraries. Thus it will support most iTunes media except for DRM-protected iTunes Store songs and music.

Windows Media Player in Windows 7 makes it easy to make playlists, burn to CD or DVD disks or sync your portable devices.

Playlist and sync tab in windows 7 Windows media Player

WMP12 also makes it easier to play back audio or video on other computers or compatible devices like Xbox 360. This feature is called “Play To”. Right click any music or video on the media player’s interface and hover over the “Play To” menu item to choose any external device and play to it. Note that “Play To” menu item will only be visible if an external compatible device is connected to the computer and detected by the windows media player.

Play to other computers or compatible devices in Windows Media Player 12.

“Now Playing Mode” is now separated from Library View and you can quickly switch to the playing mode by clicking the “Switch to Now Playing” button on the right bottom of the media player.

Now Playing Mode in windows Media Player 12

Moreover Windows Media Player 12 can stream media to other computers in your Home Group, so, for example, you can browse your library on your laptop but actually play back on the device connected to your sound system.

Thus windows media player 12 is not only interoperable but a complete player with support for most video and audio formats! Eagerly awaiting the exciting new media player for windows.

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  1. I am a lover of microsoft windows media players. I am using it from version 3. From windows 95 to windows 7 they have improved it a lot.

  2. So can we download WMP12 into XP & run it? you mention it is suppoed to be for the Windows 7 package. Does that mean it is only for windows 7?

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