Windows Media Player 12 for Windows XP (Skin)

Are you looking for a Windows Media player 12 look alike on Windows XP? Deviantart user fediaFedia has ported the Windows Media Player 12 for vista skin to XP and you can find here how to download and install it.

First, free download WMP 12 Skin For XP. If you happen to have a newer (or older) version of WMP 11 on windows XP than the versions mentioned below, you will have to first change the version information as detailed below and then install the skin on your Windows Media Player for XP.

How to change version information in WMP 11

Find below the steps to change the version information. Before modifying the version, find the current values for WMP 11 installed on your computer. You can right click “Windows Media Player” and open the properties dialog to find such information. Make a note of them.Then carry out the following steps to change the version information on wmploc.dll, extracted from the zip file that you downloaded above (

  • 1. Open reshacker
  • 2. Extract the downloaded zip file. Drag and drop wmploc.dll into reshacker
  • 3. Go to Version Info and expand it, then expand 1 and click 1033
  • 4. You will see the following values:
    VALUE “CompanyName”, “Microsoft Corporation”
    VALUE “FileDescription”, “Windows Media Player Resources”
    VALUE “FileVersion”, “11.0.5721.5230 (WMP_11.061018-2006)”
    VALUE “InternalName”, “wmploc.dll”
    VALUE “LegalCopyright”, “© Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.”
    VALUE “OriginalFilename”, “wmploc.dll”
    VALUE “ProductName”, “Microsoft® Windows® Operating System”
    VALUE “ProductVersion”, “11.0.5721.5230”

You will have to modify values for “FileVersion” and “ProductVersion”.

Type the version information of WMP11 installed on your PC, which you noted earlier, into reshacker as follows.

  • VALUE “ProductVersion”, “11.0.5721.XXXX”
  • VALUE “FileVersion”, “11.0.5721.XXXX (WMP_11.061018-2006)”

where XXXX is your WMP version number.

  • 5. Click Compile script in reshack and save the wmploc.dll
  • 6. Use the above modified wmploc.dll to replace your version of wmploc.dll (i.e. the one installed on your computer), by following the installation instructions detailed in our post here. Take a backup of the copy of wmploc.dll on your computer, before replacing it.

Important Note: Installing the above skin requires you to change system files and registry entries in Windows XP. You are warned that doing this incorrectly may cause Windows or some of its components to stop working properly. You are also advised to do so at your own risk and take proper backups, before changing anything.

After replacing the DLL, you are done installing the WMP 12 skin for XP.If you like to remove the black box that appears around videos go to Options> Performance and change the Video border color to (R:249 G:250 B:254).

Enjoy Windows Media Player 12 skin For Windows XP.

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