Windows Media Player 9

Windows media player 9 was the first all in one smart jukebox from microsoft. It also provided audio CD burning with volume leveling, and support for more devices than any other media player!

This player offered fast, flexible and high quality audio and video playback for Windows and the Web! It enabled a smooth streaming experience for broadband users when accessing content from servers running Windows Media Services.You can Control the speed of audio or video without changing the pitch and tone!

The mini Player mode lets you dock the Player into your windows task bar for instant access while saving space! You can also play music or video at full screen with controls that disappear when you’re not using them!

You can adjust the Player settings to automatically update or even add album details (tags) to your MP3 and WMA files, such as artist or album name, year, composer, and track number.

Free download windows media player 9 and enjoy it on your Windows 98 SE, Windows Millennium Edition, and Windows 2000 desktops!

If you are on XP SP3 or vista you can check out Windows media player 11 download and for windows 7 enjoy the free windows media player 12! For .

If you prefer a older version for XP, then download Windows media player 10!

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