Windows Media Player Plugin – WMP Keys

Though Windows Media Player 12 introduced in Windows 7 had a few good features including enhanced library management, support for several video and audio formats and even support for iTunes libraries, there are still several useful functionality that it misses.

One such useful feature that it misses is support for global hotkeys. Windows Media Player still does not provide default support for global hot keys which are keyboard shortcuts to several functionality in the media player.

Windows Media Player 12 in Windows 7 does provide support for hotkeys, but the support is not global i.e. the hotkeys work only when the window of the media player is active and not when WMP is in the background or in a minimized state. But one good thing about Windows Media Player is its support for plugins. Several third party developers have taken advantage of this support to provide new functionality for enhancing the usability of WMP. One such plugin is WMP keys.

WMP Keys is a Windows Media Player Plugin for Windows Media Player 11 in Vista and Windows XP and WMP 12 in Windows 7. It also supported Windows Media Player 10 in Windows XP. This plugin enables global hotkey support to the popular Microsoft Windows media player.

Download and Install Windows Media Player Plugin – WMP Keys:

Find below the steps to download and install WMP Keys.

  • 1. If Windows Media Player is already open on your Windows desktop, close it before installing any plugin.
  • 2. Download the latest version of the plugin’s installer from here – wmpkeys.msi.
  • 3. After downloading the installer to your desktop, double click wmpkeys.msi to install the plugin.
  • 4. After completing the installation, launch your Windows Media Player.
  • 5. Turn on the plugin through the options in Windows Media Player.

If you are on Windows 7 and have Windows Media Player 12, navigate to Organize => Options => Plug-ins tab.If you had installed the plugin as above, you would find WMP Keys plugin in the “Background” category. Enable the plugin by placing a check mark against it and clicking the “Apply” button.

WMP Keys plugin

That is all folks! You will now be able to define and use global hotkeys on your Windows Media Player.

Default Hot Keys provided by WMP Keys plugin:

The following are the default global hot keys enables by WMP Keys, a Windows Media Player Plugin.

  • Play/PauseCtrl+Alt+Home
  • Next Ctrl+Alt+Right
  • Previous Ctrl+Alt+Left
  • Volume UpCtrl+Alt+Up
  • Volume DownCtrl+Alt+Down
  • Fast ForwardCtrl+Alt+F
  • Fast BackwardCtrl+Alt+B
  • Rate [1-5]Ctrl+Alt+[1-5]

If at all you want to uninstall WMP Keys plugin, right click wmpkeys.msi and select uninstall. If you have any issues with the plugin, right click wmpkeys.msi and select repair.

Enjoy music, videos and photos in Windows Media Player by defining global hotkeys for quick navigation. If you are still on Windows XP and do not have the latest version of media player 11 on your PC, download Windows Media Player 11 for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows XP.

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