Windows messenger 7 – Free download tommorow

Windows live messenger 2010 (messenger for windows 7) will be available for download tomorrow (June 24 2010) as part of the brand new windows live essentials. – the windows live 4 suite!The new windows live messenger is also accessible from Hotmail (Hotmail messenger) and also from iphone or any other smartphone (via sms)!

Microsoft had just rolled out a brand new Hotmail interface and a WLM for phones.It will be releasing the desktop versions of windows messenger 7 and other windows live essentials apps tomorrow.

What is new in windows messenger 7?

We earlier did a review of windows live messenger 2010 (now known as messenger beta or windows 7 messenger), based on a leaked version.Now we have more information on WLM 2010 and here are some interesting changes that you will notice.Microsoft has focused on integrating hotmail, messenger and most other windows live apps in its recent releases.The primary focus had been on connecting Windows 7 to the microsoft cloud services that you use and not just the windows live apps!

Windows 7 messenger (WLM 7) will introduce two different views – Full view and a compact view. Compact view is the traditional view that you are already used to in WLM but will show more friends than in the previous Messenger design!

windows live messenger 2010

Full view has been introduced to take advantage of the new social integration features in windows live messenger.This will be a wide screen social dashboard, which will also embed the latest headlines and news from MSN! This view will be all that you need to keep yourselves updated on the latest news or weather report and on the statuses of your friends or other contacts on social networks like facebook, myspaace or linkedin. The new WLM 7 will also let you update your status in the form of a photo. Microsoft is also planning to integrate social games like Xbox to this view!

The full view will transform windows live messenger for windows 7 into a social dashboard where you can keep track of everything happening in your social places. The compact view is the traditional slim view and is purely for instant messaging.You can make the compact view wider (by pulling its edges), to see multiple columns of contacts.

wlm 2010

You can toggle between the two views, at any time, using the “view switch” control on the top right. Windows live messenger 7 will remember your preferred view and also the page you were on during your subsequent logins.

Free download windows messenger 7 from here as soon as the new windows live essentials beta is rolled out!

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