Windows Mobile Phone Application – Microsoft Recite

Microsoft has recently made available a new technology in the form of Microsoft Recite for Windows Mobile Phones.If you are a person, in the habit of preparing and referring a Tasks To-do list for the day or month or year, then you would find Microsoft Recite, to be a very handy application for your Smart phone, powered by Windows Mobile 6 or higher.

Microsoft Recite is actually in the Technology Preview stage, whereby Microsoft offers an early look at any new technology but does not provide product support. However it is a free application and Microsoft encourages users to try its new technologies for Windows Mobile Smartphones.

Microsoft Recite provides an easy method for remembering, searching, and retrieving reminders and mental notes on Windows Mobile devices, using the sound of the user’s voice. Simply speak your mental note to store it on Windows Mobile Phones, using Microsoft Recite. Later, when you need to refer the information, just search and retrieve the remembrance, using your voice.

Microsoft Recite is 1MB in size and is currently available only in Engish(U.S) language. For best results, hold the Windows Mobile device steady, about one foot from your mouth and Speak clearly and confidently. Avoid noisy environments when you record your voice.

Download Microsoft Recite by any one of the following methods listed here and give it a try on your Windows Mobile Phones.

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