Download Windows Movie Maker 5.1 Portable Free

Windows Media Maker is one of the most widely used video editor and it is very easy to use. It is unfortunate that Microsoft has stripped down the features of this excellent video editor, in the recent versions of this free software for Windows Vista and Windows 7.However, DevRexster has now made available Windows Movie Maker 5.1 as a portable version, with all the features of the original Windows Media Maker.

Windows Movie Maker makes the task of creating home movies amazingly easy and fun. With Movie Maker, you can create, edit, and share your home movies right on your PC or computer. It has what it takes to create a decent movie:

  • Cool transitions and video effects
  • Creation of title and credits

Portable Windows Movie Maker 5.1 is in-fact a free movie making software that can be used from a USB device! It has more than hundred transitions and 76 video effects. As mentioned above, it also has an in-built handy tool to make titles or credits.

For the basic home user, portable Windows Movie Maker is an excellent tool that does most of the basic tasks well in an easy to use work-flow structures,namely, story board.One can easily create very attractive presentations with music and transition effects.After you complete the video editing, you can export the video to several different formats in various sizes, depending on where you want to use it. The video can be published on a website or recorded to a CD or simply saved to the hard drive.

Windows Movie Maker 5.1 is for those novice video editors with little or no experience in Video editing. They can easily create their own video presentations, with all their favorite video clips and images and add some really cool video effects and transitions.

Download Windows Media Maker 5.1, a portable Movie Maker

How To Install Windows Media Maker 5.1 Portable?

  • Free download the zip file from here and extract the contents to a folder
  • Run “Runonce.exe”, preferably as an Administrator

That is all! Windows Media Maker 5.1 can be used with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. Simply launch Windows Media Maker 5.1 by double-clicking “moviemk.exe” and enjoy.

Update – This portable movie maker is not available for download anymore.You could however check out the latest versions 6.0 and 2.6. Get the windows movie maker free download for windows 7 and vista. Windows movie maker 6.0 is for systems that support hardware acceleration while windows movie maker 2.6 is for systems that do not support hardware acceleration and hence could not run windows movie maker 6.0.

11 comments on “Download Windows Movie Maker 5.1 Portable Free

  1. This one is good for Windows 7 but i’m looking for the one found in Windows Vista which is supports HD (720p or 1080p) recording.

  2. This Windows Movie Maker is very good…

  3. i think this version isn’t much different with WMM 2.6,
    but some how it has less features compared with WMM 6.0 which already come with Vista.
    I’m looking for that WMM 6.0

  4. good free windows movie editor.

  5. Windows movie maker 6.0 is the best 🙂

  6. Hi,

    You say WMMPortable 5.1. is no longer available.

    Does anyone have WMM Portable 5.1 and willing to let me have a copy or is the ANYWHERE I can get WMMPortable 5.1.

    I still run WinXP and can’t afford to be lashing out for the latest.

    Appreciated and thanks,


  7. Peter, You can use WMM 2.6 and it works on XP. It has been linked above and you can find it here –

    Update: sorry.It doesn’t work on windows XP and I made the above comment by mistake.

  8. can I take videos on this ??

  9. yes, you can make movies from your videos. It is basically a movie maker and editor. If you meant whether you can capture a video, you will need a webcam to do it from your computer.

  10. Hi,

    I am looking for Windows Movie Maker that can run on XP.

    I tried what Rajesh suggested on a similar request on April 13, that WMM 2.6 works with XP.
    I tried to download but the download aborted stating that it only works on Vista.
    Do you have any suggestions?



  11. I updated my comment. It was my mistake. Don’t you have version 2.1 on windows XP? You might have probably disabled it.

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