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Windows Movie Maker 6.0 and 2.6 – Free Download for windows 7 and vista

– The free windows movie maker (2.6 and 6.0) is one of the most popular video editing software on the web. Computer users running windows operating systems like windows xp, vista and windows 7 can use windows movie maker to make simple movies with effects, transitions, titles/credits, audio track, time-line, narration etc. There is also the Auto Movie feature that will analyze your video and automatically make a movie for you!

Though windows movie maker may not be a tool for the professional video editors, it is definitely a great tool to make some brilliant movies out of your photos and videos and share them with friends and family.

Windows Movie Maker 2.1 (Free Download)

While people liked the windows movie maker 2.1 for xp a lot, Microsoft had introduced windows movie maker 2.5 for windows xp, with support for more transitions and DVD burning. With windows vista, Microsoft introduced windows movie maker 6.0 that included new effects and transitions, and support for the DVR-MS file format in which Windows Media Center records the television. The HD version of windows movie maker in windows vista Premium and Ultimate editions added support for capturing videos from HDV camcorders, which will create DVR-MS files.

If you are one who loved making movies with windows movie maker, but is disappointed with the abilities of windows live movie maker, you could download and use windows movie maker 2.6 from here. This works on windows 7 and vista.

Download windows movie maker 2.6h2>

Though windows movie maker 6 for vista was cool, its drawback was it could not import videos from analog video source like an analog camcorder, VCR or from a webcam. Moreover, it could not work on certain computer systems that does not support hardware acceleration (note that almost all computers or laptops released these days support hardware acceleration) and hence Microsoft released windows movie maker 2.6, which is the same as Windows Movie Maker 2.1, but does not have the ability to capture videos.

Windows Movie Maker 6.0 (Free Download)

In Windows 7, Microsoft did not include windows movie maker with the operating system. Instead it bundled the popular video editing tool with windows live and allowed it to be freely downloaded as windows live movie maker. Many did not like windows live movie maker for windows 7, as it is a stripped down version and in an attempt to simplify the tool, Microsoft even removed features like Time-line and audio edits, along with the ability to overlay text on a video! Many failed to understand why Microsoft decided to remove such an essential feature like the Time-line.

But, if you have a computer that supports hardware acceleration, then it would be better to download the vista version of windows movie maker, as it has all the features that you liked. Yes, you could now download windows movie maker 6.0 from here, and use it on windows 7 and vista and enjoy making movies. You should be already having this on vista, unless you uninstalled it.

Download windows movie maker 6.0h2>
Windows movie maker 6.0 - Free Download

What is even better with this download is you could run both windows live movie maker and windows movie maker 6.0 side-by-side, if needed. This installer supports both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems.

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