Windows Phone 7 will get a major makeover to power Nokia Smartphones

Windows Phone 7 features, planned for its future upgrades, has been revealed in MWC 2011

– Close on the heels of announcing the partnership with Nokia, Microsoft has revealed its plans and features for Windows Phone 7, before it gets ready to power Nokia smartphones. The plan reveals more promising features in future upgrades to its mobile OS and these include new functionality to address the widely cited drawbacks in the current version – Copy and Paste support and support for multi-tasking.

While the copy and paste support is promised in the first major update expected to be released next month (March 2011), there are several other important features promised to be released in 2011 and early 2012, the year where we can see a significant number of Nokia phones running windows phone 7.

The following is a brief summary of some of the promised ones.

  • Copy and paste functionality through the first major update in March 2011
  • Integration of Twitter directly into the People Hub in the second half of 2011 (Note that Facebook has already been integrated to People Hub!)
  • Support for multi-tasking apps in 2011 (no dates promised)
  • Integration of Skydive to Office Mobile 2010! This is also promised for year 2011, though no specific dates have been mentioned! This will let users the ability to access cloud-based Microsoft Office programs via their windows phone 7 powered smartphones
  • Internet Explorer 9 for Windows Phone 7 in the second half of 2011! This promises a dramatic mobile web browsing experience.

In addition to the above, windows phone 7 will be available for CDMA networks and Microsoft is also bringing via Xbox live, popular computer games like Packman, Tetris and Full House Poker to windows phone 7. Gamers can go to the Windows Phone Marketplace to download these games now.

Windows Phone 7 Features

While support for social networking through facebook and twitter will be cool, microsoft could have done better to bring in the twitter integration, much earlier than the promised dates.

Support for multi-tasking promises an enhanced user experience as you could, for example, listen to the radio while you browse the web or probably send across a text message on your smartphone.

Microsoft Office Mobile 2010 and the ability to access office documents on the cloud (Microsoft Office Online via Skydrive) will be a huge attraction to corporate users, as Microsoft office is the most widely used office suite of applications in most corporates across the world.

Note: Microsoft office 2010 documents can currently be accessed via email or the Microsoft SharePoint site on your windows phone 7.

While microsoft is almost ready to release Internet Explorer 9 Final for computers, IE 9 for windows phone 7 is promised for the second half of 2011! IE 9’s most highlighted feature – graphics hardware acceleration was also demonstrated in MWC 2011, by running the IE fish task test on widows phone 7 and also the Iphone.

From Microsoft’s perspective, IE 9 will be high on their priority list, as it will also give them insights on its user base across devices (computers running windows 7 and smartphones running windows phone 7), to feed them back to Bing and probably a few other data analytic systems.

While all the above improvements look promising and interesting, we haven’t heard anything about support for Adobe Flash! Some microsoft officials working on windows phone 7 have however mentioned that what has been highlighted in MWC (Mobile World Congress) is just a small subset of features they plan to introduce in 2011.

Windows Phone 7 Demo (Video)

Check out this video demonstrating Kinect integration with windows phone 7.

Microsoft has targeted significant number of Nokia windows phones in 2012! If Microsoft could deliver more than what it has promised above, windows phone 7 and Nokia phones will definitely prove to be a great combination. But 2012 is far off and considering the pace at which android is evolving, Microsoft has to plan for more aggressive schedules, if it were to remain competitive.

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  1. Hope, Nokia and Windows won’t disappoint us this time!

    Will keep my fingers crossed until there’s a Nokia phone released with Windows mobile OS loaded in it.

  2. Wow! Cool! So many exclamation points!! Windows! Phone! 7! Nokia! Sinking ship!!!!

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