Microsoft begins rolling out its first Windows Phone 7 Update

The first Windows Phone 7 Update is now available! This is not only the first, but is intended to be the mother of all updates as it improves the software update process. This will pave the way for the more exciting windows phone 7 features that microsoft had promised to roll out in 2011!

If you haven’t done it already, download zune software to you computers and install it. Unlike previous windows mobile devices that require Windows Mobile Device Center or ActiveSync, Windows Phone 7 (Windows Mobile 7) requires Zune Software to carry out the updates through your computer running windows 7, XP or Vista.

How to Update Windows Phone 7?

windows Phone 7 Update

Before you start the windows phone 7 update, make sure your phone’s battery is fully charged.

  • Connect your windows phone to the computer on which you have installed zune software, using the USB cable that came with your phone. It is always better to use one primary computer for running the windows phone 7 updates as it will remember your phone’s settings and history.If you plan to use another computer, you will have to first sync your phone to computer.
  • Once connected, your zune software will be started automatically! If not, start it manually from your programs list or by double clicking the desktop icon.
  • If there are any updates to the zune software, you will be prompted to update it. Follow the instructions to complete the update and restart the Zune sync software.
  • If there any windows phone 7 updates available for your device, you will be notified. You can also manually check whether an update is available by doing this – on “Start”, flick left to the “App list”, tap “Settings” and then tap “Phone update”.
  • If an updater is available for your windows phone 7, click “Update Now” in the Zune software.

That is it! Your windows phone 7 will be automatically updated to completion.

Before the update starts, a backup process will be run to back up everything on your phone. You can see the progress of the update on your Zune Software. You will also be shown an estimate of the time left to completely update your phone. Note that the speed of update depends upon the apps and files you have on your phone.The larger the files and apps, the longer will it take to complete the update.

You will do well to remember that you can safely cancel the update, only till the end of the backup process. Beyond that, the actual update process cannot be interrupted! If you have a windows phone 7, get ready for the mother of all Windows Phone 7 Updates.

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