Windows Process – Kill, Freeze or Explore (Free)

Know your Windows Process in detail using the free What’s my Computer Doing utility. This handy utility is a better alternative to the Windows Task Manager.

This free tool is very useful to find out the currently running Windows processes on your PC. The utility analyzes any such currently active process on your PC and displays detailed information about it including the file name, installation path, version, file date, when installed, when started, product, security information and any known problems, product description and more. It also offers links to producer’s website and other websites offering more information about it. For eg: if there is a process , say, ctfmon, this utility provides complete information on such process.

Windows Process

This Windows Process tool also provides information about the process running behind the generic svchost process or any generic host process.

You can not only get to know complete information about the Windows Processes, but you can also kill a process through the “Terminate Process” button or freeze a process if you find it to be hogging your RAM, CPU or hard disk. You can even search for more information on Google or check for the file’s reliability in and, two popular antivirus solution providers.

Free download What’s my Computer Doing? from here. It work on windows 7, Windows XP or vista. Though it may not be very detailed as other process monitors, it is effective as it does provide the relevant information. It can also be minimized to the tray when you work on your PC and maximized whenever you need it.

Enjoy the free Windows Process monitor. You may also check out Windows Process explorer to explore your Computer processes.

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