Windows Registry corruption, problems or issues – causes and symptoms or signs

Windows Registry corruption, problems or issues have been on the increase, in this web 2.0 era, where lots of freeware are available for free download and installation.Most of these installations need windows registry updates.

Windows registry is a very vital element in windows operating systems including vista, windows XP and other earlier versions of windows. Windows registry is infact a database for the

  • windows operating system and
  • application/programs/software, hardware, installations, uninstallations and their updates with related user preferences

Windows registry, being a vital database for windows, shall not be tampered, unless you are an expert on windows operating systems.

Windows Registry corruption – symptoms or signs:

The symptoms or signs of Windows registry corruptions are mostly sudden and they happen when you least expect it. Windows Registry corruptions are like PC/system crashes or freezes, that happen all of a sudden, without any warning. When your Windows registry gets corrupt, you will see error messages on your system’s monitor and some of your routine application may refuse to start or work properly.

Windows Registry corruptions may also cause your system to not boot properly or you may also notice your system/PC slowing down, amidst a robust processor and rugged versatile memory. The worst symptom or sign of Windows registry corruption, is the appearance of blue screen of death.

Causes of windows Registry corruptions:

Frequent harware updates:

Hardware updates will result in updation to system settings.These may result in redundant registry entries, that increase the registry size and slows down the system/PC performance.

Installation of a number of freewares and other programs:

Installation of a number of freewares and other programs with shared DLLs, may result in leaving behind traces of unwamted files, upon uninstallation.

Also most of these freewares or programs are effected at system start up, immediately after they PC/system boots up.Many of these programs that load themselves into the memory at startup may eventually not be used! However most of them load in the system background at startup, grabbing memory and CPU resources. They also make invalid and redundant entries into the registry.

Excessive or redundant registry entries will lead to an unstable performance, system errors, or even a system breakdown.

One must have a decent registry cleaner, to clean up redundant registry entries. Also the web 2.0 and freeware era demands a suite of anti-virus, spyware and adware programs or software running on your PC/system, to deal with security issues.

A registry cleaner scans the Windows registry and finds invalid and obsolete information in it and fixes the errors.

By fixing these obsolete entries in Windows registry, registry Cleaner software makes your system run faster and error free. The backup and restore function of the tool lets you backup your whole Windows Registry so you can use it to restore the Registry to the current status in case you encounter system failure.

Improper uninstallations:

This is a major issue and the root cause of redundant registry entries and files on your PC/system, running windows operating systems including vista or windows XP. Most of the third party programs and freeware authors do not write proper uninstallation programs. This results in improper uninstallations, that leave behind unwanted entries in windows registry and unwanted files in windows operating environment.

Manually editing registry entries:

Windows registry must be edited very carefully. Before editing any registry entry, one must backup the current registry.Wrong registry updations can corrupt the operating system or the registry itself or it may also result in the malfunctioning of third party software or drivers. One must avoid manual registry updations on a frequent basis. Also registry updations need to be done with a thorough understanding of the consequences. Hence, only windows experts are advised to update registry entries.

Browsing the internet:

The web 2.0 and internet boom has resulted in more people engaging in Internet operations and activities . Internet browsing activites account for most of windows registry problems as frequent download and installations of malevolent programs, with attached spywares and viruses, often create numerous malicious embedded keys in the windows registry.

Windows Registry corruption or problems or issues – Remedies:

The remedy for registry corruptions or problems or issues is to download and install a good registry software or cleaner that will not only purge the registry from time to time but also tweak the system for better performance.Read How to determine a good registry cleaner software?

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