Speed up windows shutdown with close all windows

Speed up windows shutdown with close all windows.Do you run a lot of programs on your PC/computer running windows XP/vista? Then you will definitely find the need for this utility, when you want to do a quick computer shutdown.

Running a lot programs may not only eat up your system resources and slow down your PC/computer, but they will also slow down the windows shutdown process.Normally I used to go to windows Task manager, select all running applications by holding down shift key and dragging the mouse over them (running applications) and hit the “End Now” button to kill them.

Speed up windows shutdown/computer shutdown

But Close All Windows has saved me this routine.This application does not use any system resources and is ideal to speeden up windows (xp) shutdown or computer shutdown.I just added a shorcut to this useful utility in the quicklaunch bar.Whenever i find my system slow or hanging, I use Close All Windows to close all running applications. I also use it, whenever I had to do a quick computer shutdown (windows shutdown) and make a move.

Free download Close All Windows, add a shortcut to it and speed up your computer shutdown or windows shutdown.

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