Windows sidebar – Backup and restore with Vista sidebar restoration

Vista sidebar is a tool meant for organizing your useful and most frequently accessed information as gadgets. For example, you can have gadgets for weather bulletin, news updates, traffic maps, photo albums and more. Windows vista sidebar is fully customizable and you can place it anywhere on your windows vista desktop.

Unfortunately windows vista sidebar gets tangled quite often. However, You can backup Windows Vista’s Sidebar combination and restore it when it is tangled, with Vista Sidebar Restoration. This is a very small and simple tool that restores the backup, including all options set for each gadget on the vista sidebar, with a single click. You can restore the windows vista sidebar, even after reinstalling windows vista.

How to restore vista sidebar after reinstalling windows vista?

vista sidebar
  • Free download Vista Sidebar Restoration
  • Backup your existing windows Sidebar combination using Vista Sidebar Restoration program
  • Copy the file Settings.ini in C:\Program Files\Vasilios Applications\VistaRestoration\Data\Settings.ini to a removable media like CD, floppy etc.
  • Re-install Windows Vista
  • Install the gadgets of your previous installation of Windows Vista
  • In your fresh Windows Vista installation, install Vista Sidebar Restoration
  • Copy the file Settings.ini from the removable media to C:\Program Files\Vasilios Applications\Vista Sidebar\Restoration\Data\
  • Run Vista Sidebar Restoration and use the Restore button to have your gadgets as they were

That is all. Back up and restore windows vista sidebar with Vista Sidebar Restoration.

If you have windows XP, then you can get the vista sidebar for xp too!

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