Windows XP Theme Pack to transform XP to windows 7

You can now transform Windows XP to windows 7 with Seven Skin Pack 2.0 Ultimate, a Windows XP Theme Pack. Microsoft had recently released a beta version of windows 7 to a select community (developers and testers) and Windows lovers were quick to put together this theme pack to change XP look and feel to Windows 7 .

While Mac lovers would love FlyakiteOSX, a Windows XP Theme pack to transform XP to Mac OS X, Windows lovers would definitely enjoy Seven Skin Pack 2.0 Ultimate to transform their windows XP to the look and feel of Windows 7.

Windows XP Theme Pack – Seven Skin Pack 2.0 Ultimate:

Seven Skin Pack 2.0 Ultimate supports transformation of Windows XP – Home, Pro, RTM, Corporate, SP1, SP2 and SP3. It includes the following programs and icons:

  • Seven Taskbar Iconizer to transform XP taskbar into Windows Seven iconized taskbar
  • Aero Shake to provide auto windows minimize effect in XP, like in windows 7
  • Drive Icon to change My Computer Drive icons to those of windows seven drive icons
  • Rainmeter for Windows seven desktop gadgets on windows XP
  • Replacer to replace changed system files in windows XP
  • Reshacker to change system files in windows XP
  • Styler for Windows 7 like toolbar in XP
  • TransBar for Windows Seven Glass Taskbar on XP
  • True Transparency for Windows Seven like Glass Windows Border in windows XP
  • UXTheme Patch and LSPatch for multi theme support and to remove log-off/shutdown text button in XP
  • ViStart for Windows seven Start Menu in Windows XP
  • VisualTaskTips for Windows Seven Taskbar Tool tip in XP
  • WinFlip for Windows Seven Flip 3D effect in XP
  • WFPS to disable Windows file protection dialog in XP
  • YzShadow for Glass Start Menu and Windows Seven Border Shadow in XP
  • Aero Seven Window Blinds theme for Glass theme support in XP
  • SevenVG Visual style Theme for seven style in XP
  • Windows Media Player 12, Windows movie Maker, Windows Media Center and Vista skins
  • Windows 7 screen saver

How to install and use Seven Skin Pack 2.0 Ultimate?

Free download Seven Skin Pack 2.0 Ultimate via this link.Ensure that you have 700 MB of free space on the drive where windows XP is installed. If you had installed any other transformation pack, remove it and close all running programs. Create a System Restore point. This would help in restoring Windows XP to the last known good working state, in case of any malfunctioning. Install Seven Skin Pack 2.0 Ultimate.

To get windows 7 visual style, run “UXTheme Multi Patcher“, restart your PC and then run “SevenVG Windows Theme“. To use Aero Seven Window Blinds Theme, download and install WindowBlinds from stardock. To remove log-off or shutdown button, run “log-off or shutdown text remover” and restart the PC. To get Windows 7 Taskbar, go to “settings” and select “large taskbar”.

To repair system files to Windows Seven, run “Repair system file to seven” and restart the PC. Then run “Refresh Icon Cache“.

How to uninstall Seven Skin Pack 2.0 Ultimate?

Run “Restore back system files to xp” and restart the PC. Then run “Refresh Icon Cache“. Change theme to Windows XP and close all seven skin pack applications. Then navigate to Windows folder on the drive where Windows is installed and delete “7SP_Files“.Then delete “7 Skin Pack 2.0” folder in All Programs menu and remove the application from windows Start Up.

Enjoy transforming Windows XP to Windows 7.

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