Windows 7 Guide

You can now download Windows 7 product guide directly from Microsoft servers! Though there are lots of information about windows 7 on the internet, you may still like to have a concise windows 7 Guide for offline reference. Realizing this, Microsoft has released a Windows 7 guide, which gives you an overview of all the features in Windows 7.

This Windows 7 guide can be read and understood by every computer user as microsoft has taken care to avoid the technical jargon. The guide provides a detailed look at the several new and improved features in Windows 7.It has been designed to help every PC user in understanding how Windows 7 simplifies everyday tasks, works the way you want and makes new things possible.

There are three major sections in this 140 page windows 7 guide – “Introduction”, “Windows 7 for You” and “Windows 7 for IT Professionals”.

  • Introduction to windows 7 – This gives a brief overview on how Microsoft made use of user feedback to design windows 7, all the new features and improvements introduced in this version and the windows 7 editions available to meet the varying needs of its customers. Microsoft was influenced by hardware advances like the availability of devices that supported Touch technology, advances in mobile computing, rapidly evolving web, availability of various connectivity options to go online etc.
  • Windows 7 for You – This section of the product guide explains in detail all the features introduced in Windows 7, based on user feedback, to make it more personalized and improve its performance and security. This section also gives examples of how these new features helps in simplifying your daily tasks and how you can customize it to work and look the ay you want.
  • Windows 7 for IT Professionals – This section is for IT professionals and IT organizations. It explains in detail how Windows 7 can improve the productivity of professionals in IT organizations while ensuring enhanced security and lower infrastructure costs through better PC management. It also gives a brief overview of “Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack” and how it helps in optimizing the desktop by reducing application deployment costs and making it easy to manage and control desktop environments in enterprises.

Download windows 7 Guide

Windows 7 guide is available in XPS and PDF formats. While the XPS format is 30.5 MB in size, the PDF version is of size 62.0 MB. In order to view the XPS document, you will need to install the reader included in Windows 7 and Vista and to view the PDF document, you will need to install Adobe Acrobat reader.

Download Windows guide from here and get to know everything you wanted to know about Windows 7, from this free guide.

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