Windows 7 Login Screen Editor

While people with a fancy for HD Wallpaper can download the NatGeo Wallpaper Downloader and get amazing wallpapers from National Geographic, if you are on windows 7, you can even get your own custom Windows 7 login screen with Thoosje Windows 7 Login Editor.

The login screen is the first window that you will get to see on you computer running Windows 7, after you switch it on. If you do prefer to customize this screen to make it look impressive, you can try the Thoosje Windows 7 Login Editor. This free software makes it easy to change your Windows 7 login background. It also bundles with it a collection of backgrounds for the Windows 7 Login screen, windows 3D logos and several colorful themes on a wide range of topics like movies, animals, nature, cars, celebrities and many more.

If you are a small or medium sized business enterprise, you will also find it useful to customize the login screen with images related to your brand. These days, branding play a big role for both offline and online businesses. It will always be a good idea to get the screensavers, desktop backgrounds and themes on all your office computers branded. Some popular brands like coca Cola go beyond their in-house computers and even release free windows 7 themes for Home PC users. All these are done to make their brands more popular and visible.

Windows Login Screen

This Login Screen Editor also allows you to select and set your preferred images as Windows Login screen backgrounds. However, it does provide a built-in control to ensure that the size of the chosen image does not exceed the Windows 7 limit of 246KB for the login screen (maximum size). Windows 7 Login Editor also has a preview option that makes it easy for you to preview the changes before committing them.

Free download Windows 7 Login Screen Editor from here or here and design your own custom login screens for Windows 7.

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