Windows 7 RC Wallpapers

We earlier told you that you can download Windows 7 RC for free until until 30 July 2009. But windows 7 RC is a release candidate and Microsoft does not provide technical support for it.Though it is a fully featured version and we have not noticed any major issues in our test setup so far, it is generally advisable to try release candidates on spare computers.

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Download Windows 7 RC Wallpapers:

Windows 7 RC Wallpapers

Windows 7 RC is available for free download as 32-bit or 64-bit versions and in English, German, Japanese, French, or Spanish.The RC can be used for a year and it will expire only on June 1, 2010.Microsoft has added 30 new Windows 7 Wallpapers to the release candidate. If you are a wallpaper lover, then you need to download these brilliant set of official wallpapers and try it on your PC. In-fact, you don’t have to download and install windows 7 RC to download these beautiful windows wallpapers.Free download the official Windows 7 RC wallpapers (High Resolution) from here and enjoy! You can also download these Windows 7 RC Wallpapers from deviantART here

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