Windows 7 Tips Guide

Windows 7 is the next major operating system from Microsoft and it will soon be released. You can download Windows 7 RC and test the next version of the popular OS from Microsoft.

Windows 7 has been a smooth ride for us in our test setup.This is a much better OS than Vista and the best thing about it is its performance.Windows 7 is not much different from Vista as Vista is from Windows XP in terms of features and usage. If you are a Windows Vista user, then using Windows 7 should be a smooth ride.However, if you are looking for some specific Windows 7 tips and tricks, you may bookmark us.

You can also find several good Windows 7 Tips and Tricks on the free E-book, released by the Microsoft Partner programme, UK. Right now, there are three PDF guides available for download, with the promise of more future editions, to enrich your Windows 7 experience. The Windows 7 Tips range from basic to some really interesting ones. Some of the tips include Multi-Monitor Window Management, Aero Peek Your Desktop, Task-bar Traversing, Smart Printing and a few more.

Free download Windows 7 Tips and Tricks Guide and enjoy!

If you aren’t using Windows 7 yet, then you may enjoy a few Windows 7 Wallpapers for your Windows XP or Vista or any earlier version of Windows.

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