Word password protection and encryption in word 2007

Like in Excel 2007, Microsoft Word 2007 offers password protectionand encryption features to password protect and lock word documents.

How to password protect word documents in Word 2007?

  • Open the Word 2007 document that you intend to encrypt, password protect and lock
  • Click on the office Orb on the top left
  • Select Prepare >> Encrypt document
Word password protection and encryption
  • An Encrypt document dialog box pops up with an option for you to set password
  • Enter a strong password and click Ok
  • A confirm password dialog box pops up with an option for you to re-enter password and confirm it
  • If you are done with your work on the Word 2007 file, save your word document
  • Another microsoft word dialog box pops up with the message “This document is both encrypted and password protected. The office Open XML Formats available in the 2007 release provide stronger encryption.Do you want to increase the security of this document by converting to an Office open XML format ?
  • If you want more stronger security, click Yes else click No in the above dialog box
  • Close the Word 2007 file

You have password protected and encrypted the Word document! When you try opening the encrypted and password protected word 2007 document, you will be asked to enter the password. However,if your forget or loose password it cannot be recovered in a straight forward manner.Special software may be required to recover the password.Hence it is advisable to keep a list of passwords and their corresponding document names in a safe place.

Enjoy password protecting and encrypting your Word 2007 documents!

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One comment on “Word password protection and encryption in word 2007

  1. Hi i have encrypted a file using the above method and i still know what the password is. i can still access the document. however i now wish to unencrypt the file so that other people can access the document as i no longer require it to be protected. How do i do this? I have tried right clicking on the file and going to the properties and selecting the advanced option in the general tab, however the encrypt file option is faded and can not be selected? any help would be much appreciated.

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