WordPress 2.4 – features update and admin preview

WordPress lovers are wating for the release of wordpress version 2.4.There is lot of anticipation building up on wordpress 2.4.Here is a preview of the admin interface for wordpress 2.4.But this an unfinished job and the final look may still be different.

wordpress 2.4 admin interface
Take a look at the demo hosted here by Jordan.

Also, TubeTorial has a .video of the new admin interface.

The above are only a cursory glance of the unfinished work on WordPress admin interace.If you do like to be updated on what is going to change in wordpress 2.4 with respect to features, read Peter Westwood’s blog.

7 comments on “WordPress 2.4 – features update and admin preview

  1. That looks better, I hope this new version comes fast enough but yes, we want bug free version too 🙂

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  2. I am waiting for this new look. Hope it will be released soon. and yes I am subscribed.

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  3. Looks lovely, but they must push it out as an option, else it will hard us (or atleast for me)

    BTW, the comment text area is a bit buggy for me. I guess, comment preview is to be blamed for this.

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  4. Seems like 2.4 has been renamed as 2.5. 2.4 was a miss release due to holidays

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  5. my favorite is wp 2.3

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  6. Wow, it definitely looks good.

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  7. Actually, I think the current WordPress admin is better….

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