WordPress 2.6 beta 1 is available for download

WordPress 2.6 beta 1 is now available for download.Ryan Boren has mentioned that one may not notice any difference between wordpress 2.5.1 and WordPress 2.6 beta 1, at first glance.But then there are some cool features listed.

WordPress 2.6 beta 1 will support gears and this is the much awaited feature.Now you can work with your admin screens offline and at high speeds 🙂

The other noteworthy feature is the improvements in plugin management.Wasn’t it always difficult to identify the active and inactive plugins on your plugin management panel? WordPress 2.6 beta 1 has sorted this out by by listing the active and inactive plugins seperately.Wordpress 2.6 beta 1 also lets you activate and deactivate plugins in bulk.

Though Ryan Boren has mentioned the “Post Revisions” as a big feature, I personally don’t like this idea.Post Revisions actually saves a history of edits made to each post.But I consider this as an unnecessary overload on the mysql database.The bulkier the database, the slower will be the wordpress blog.The database should have only the essential data while post revisions, can be managed offline, if needed.Hope they provide it as an optional feature, with the blog owner deciding whether he wants to activate it or not.

They have also decided to turn off the default support for the XML-RPC and Atom client APIs. People using external clients like windows live writer for posting, will need to specifically turn these on, under “Settings“–>”Writing“.So the better option for wordpress bloggers is to turn it on, make the post and turn it off.But this obviously need to be turned off by default, because of security risks.

Other WordPress 2.6 beta 1 features:

More avatar options
  • Theme preview abilities.Isn’t that cool 🙂
  • Impoved support for SSL access to the admin screens.This was much needed, considering increasing hacker exploits
  • Return of “Press This” bookmarklet, to quickly post about sites you visit
  • Updates to TinyMCE editor, jQuery and jQuery UI libraries, improvements to Page and Category management and performance enhancements
  • If you like to experiment it on your test sites, download WordPress 2.6 beta 1 and share your thoughts.

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    One comment on “WordPress 2.6 beta 1 is available for download

    1. Sound good however I don’t like experimenting with Betas. Already had some bad experience with other scripts and my business suffering as a result.

      seo blogger’s last blog post..Negative PR is still PR.

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