WordPress 2.7 beta Testing

Here I am playing with WordPress 2.7 beta 1. Yesterday I shared a quick review on wordpress 2.7 beta. Now I would like to share a few discrepancies noticed during testing. The wordpress team may or may not be aware of some/all the discrepancies reported here. Most of these relate to the UI usability. I am classifying the bugs as superficial (aesthetic bugs), and minor (usability bug). I have not found any major bug in this usability test so far.Note that I refer to navigation menu as “WordPress ribbon” in the article.

WordPress 2.7 dashboard:

The wordpress 2.7 dashboard widgets do not sport a clickable arrow icon either towards the right or left – superficial bug.

wordpress 2.7 dashboard

The ribbon widgets cannot be drag dropped.Perhaps they did not intend to provide that feature – superficial bug.
Each menu widget (in wordpress ribbon) has an arrow towards the right.but these are not pointing in appropriate directions.For example, if “Posts” menu widget has been expanded, the arrow should point upward.But it continues to point downward. – superficial bug.

The menu widget headers are clickable. When clicked they load the page for the first menu item. i.e. when “Posts” is clicked, wordpress 2.7 opens the “Add new Post” page.Rather these headers, when clicked, should only allow to expand or close the menu widgets in the wordpress ribbon. If a person intending to open the “Edit” post under “Posts“, accidentally clicks the header, then he will be automatically taken to “Add new Post“. So he has to click “Edit” Post once more, to go to the admin page he desires. If a fix as suggested above is implemented, usability can be improved.- minor bug.

wordpress 2.7 dashboard

WordPress 2.7 Add New Post:

The widgets in “Add New Post” (post-new.php) like “Custom fields“, “Trackbacks and Pingbacks” etc. do not sport a clickable arrow icon either towards the right or left. – superficial bug.

wordpress 2.7 add new post

The Publish widget in “Add New Post” (post-new.php) does not have a View Post button or link.Note that “preview” is different from “View Post”. “View Post” is the only way by which we could directly access the published post URL from the admin screen. Hence it is essential to retain it. – minor bug

wordpress 2.7 publish widget

There is another new feature called “Stick to front page“.This when checked will let the post/s appear on the Home page.You can stick any number of posts to Home page.

WordPress 2.7 Tools menu widget:

In WordPress 2.7 all actions and filters can only be applied by clicking “Apply” or “Filter” buttons (Refer pic below).These buttons are unnecessary.Rather they could be applied when the drop down item is changed (on change event).In case of “Delete“, an additional warning message may be thrown. This bug is seen in most places – superficial bug

wordpress 2.7 Tools

WordPress 2.7 features:

In WordPress 2.7, appearance of headers can be customized for default themes.

wordpress 2.7 dashboard

Under “Discussions” settings there ae some new options for comments. This includes threaded (nested) comments, option to automatically close comments after a specified number of day (spam control mechanism) and option to break comments into pages.

I am not sure how threaded (nested) comments and break comments into pages will take effect on custom wordpress themes.But these dd not work for me even on default themes.

Finally the plugin search integration with wordpress 2.7.This is as good as if it is not there.For most plugin searches, it returns Google sitemap plugin and when I search for wordpress seo plugin, platinum seo plugin comes way behind a few plugins that are not even related to seo. Even when I do a check for broken links neither Broken links checker nor broken links remover is listed on the first page.The team can either remove this feature or integrate a google custom search engine, until they rectify this.

Meanwhile, Jeff made a security bulletin on weblogtoolscollection dot com for the Comment Remix plugin (the winner of this year’s plugin competition).Folks using this plugin, have to upgrade (if not already done) to the latest version asap. With wordpress intending to make available several comment APIs for wordpress 2.7 and higher, risks of security vulnerabilites are more, unless these are properly coded.

That is all for now.Enjoy your weekend 🙂

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