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WordPress permalinks are permanent URLs to wordpress posts (post url), category and tag pages, and all wordpress pages in general. These wordpress permalinks are what your readers use to bookmark any of your post/page. Also these URLs are used by other blogs or websites to link to any relevant post or page on your site.And most importantly, wordpress permalinks are how the search engine spiders get to know your post or page.They crawl the content on your wordpress blog/site, using these permalinks.For example, the url for this post is and this is called post url or wordpress permalink for this post.

Thus the structure of permalinks are vital for any wordpress blogger. Ideally, One must choose the right permalink structure before he starts making his first post in wordpress. However, many may not know the importance of permalinks, when they start blogging.They either tend to use the default permalink structure in wordpress, or they might choose a pretty permalink structure, with unnecessary data elements.

Google has recently confirmed that they do crawl dynamic URLs better.However, using a pretty permalink has lots of benefits as outlined here. Infact there are no disadvantages in using pretty permalink in wordpress, as this excellent CMS makes it easy for you to frame the wordpress permalink structure.

Can I change wordpress permalink structure?

If you had chosen the ideal permalink structure for your wordpress blog, then you may not even have to change it later on. But what if you had chosen the wrong wordpress permalink structure for your posts (post url) and you want to change it? Search engines would have already indexed your content via the old permalinks.Other bloggers might have linked to you, using the old permalinks.Thus if you make changes to wordpress permalink structure at a later stage, then all those old URL would return “404 – Page Not found” error.This would be bad for your visitors as they may no longer see what they actually expected.

Thus it is very important to redirect (301 permanent redirects) them to the actual content represented by your current wordpress permalinks. My wordpress SEO plugin had the option to do such redirects automatically.Most Platinum SEO plugin users were not aware of this functionality as it was not an option for them.Rather Platinum SEO did that automatically.To let the users know about the availability of this feature, I am now giving an option to the users, to turn off such automatic redirects (in version 1.2.1). However this option is still turned on by default.

Don’t worry about making changes to wordpress permalink structure as long as you use this excellent wordpress plugin. 🙂

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  1. Well, this is one of the plugins I’ve been recommending to my readers. Changing permalinks will never be the same again with Platinum.


  2. Never knew that platinum seo has such a wonderful feature within… Let me try that once…

  3. When you say you can change the structure do you mean just the category or the the slug after the category. I tried changing


    and there wasn’t any re-direct, sorry if i sound a bit ignorant i am a bit new to all this – i think i am misunderstanding what this means.

    Do you mean you can change the category and sub-categorys about so instead of A as a Category and B as a category i can make B as a sub category of A and the original B post will re-direct to its new location as a sub of A

  4. Permalink can be defined in wordpress through settings >> Permalink.

    In your example you have changed the post slug and not permalink structure.My wordpress SEO plugin – platinum SEO does automatic redirects (301) for permalink structure changes.

    However, wordpress automatically supports redirection (301) for slug changes. If you change the slug to what you intended and then try to access the old url, you will be automatically redirected to the new url.It is surprising that it not happening for you.Did you try it?

  5. Permalinks are very important. I have not heard of Platinum SEO before. I use All In One SEO for WordPress. I don’t know if it does a 301 redirect or not but I’m going to find out. I’m also going to look at Platinum SEO.

    Thanks for the great post!!

  6. thanks for your very good plugin.
    301 redirect is very important.

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