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wordpress-plugins, wordpress-survey-plugin, wordpress-poll-plugin, wordpress-event-managerBinny from www.bin-co.com has release six cool wordpress plugins last week. I am a bit late in promoting them, but you surely need to check those cool plugins.

Eventr wordpress Plugin

Eventr wordpress plugin lets you transform your wordpress blog into an event management platform. It generates a simple registration form and an Attendee list for every event you create.The events can be closed upon completion.Though I have not tried this plugin, you can see the Registration Form and Attendee List live here.This is for an upcoming barcamp event in God’s own country – Kerala, India.

What I would like is automatic closure of event registration form based on configured dates and a slideshow of some great pics of the place in which the event is to be held. The plugin can also create another slideshow for the event pics, after it gets over.

Definitely a useful plugin for event managers.

Autofields WordPress Plugin:

Autofields wordpress plugin sets the first paragraph of the content as the excerpt and takes the first image (if there are any) and sets it as the ‘Image’ custom field.

This might be useful for certain themes but not for many wordpress users.

Pollin wordpress Plugin

Pollin wordpress plugin lets you add polls to blog posts.This is definitely a useful plugin, if you have like to conduct post specific polls.There is no third party integration involved and the poll results are stored in you own wordpress mysql db.Thus you never loose the data.

However it would be more cooler if the poll could be ajaxified with some neat effects. Reopening the same post can display the poll results rather than just stating that the poll has been closed. Moreover it should not display the poll option radio buttons, if the poll had already been taken by the user.

It probably uses cookies to identify whether a visitor has already taken the poll.It could also do some additional verification based on ip address, name and email.Though it is always very difficult to prevent visitors from casting multiple votes, if they use dynamic ip addresses.

Check out the pollin demo page.

Surveys wordpress Plugin

Surveys wordpress plugin gives you the ability to take simple surveys as part of blog posts.The survey results are stored in you own wordpress db and can be viewed by via the wordpress admin panel.This is another useful plugin and I see a lot of potential for this.Check out a demo survey created with this plugin.

Quartz wordpress Plugin

Quartz wordpress plugin lets you show random quotes/tips/links/pictures/something else to visitors. You can even bulk import your quotes’ collection. The plugin is still in beta and the author warns of some bugs.

Quizzin wordpress Plugin

Quizzin wordpress plugin lets you add quizzes to your blog.you can try a quiz created with this plugin.

The above were the plugins on display during the wordpress plugin carnival last week at Bin blog. Do try the plugin that may interest you and share your thoughts on the wordpress plugins.

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  1. Thanks for the suggestions. I’ll look into implementing them later this week.

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